This is a journal of my thoughts and recipes as I get back to eating 100% raw foods. If you have questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section, I will do my best to respond quickly. Welcome!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Raw Food Kitchen Appliances

Raw Food Kitchen Appliances:
The smallest necessity.  :)  Everyone needs a knife to dice, cut and julienne foods!

Spiral Slicer/ Mandoline: 
These devices create pasta and wrappers out of everyday foods.  Zucchini becomes pasta, Jicama becomes a spring roll wrapper.

Food Processor: chops and dices
A food processor comes in handy when you want to make raw ice cream from frozen fruits, grind nuts into flour, mix up recipes like raw brownies and shred foods to give them a rice like texture.

Blender: for making liquid and creamy food products
A blender is a great tool in the raw food kitchen.  You can make smoothies, soups, ice cream, raw mylks and sauces.

I personally used a blender from Walmart for years before I finally could afford a Vitamix blender.  It works.  If you are just starting out and think you have to have a Vitamix, please try the lifestyle for a while.  If raw doesn't work for you, you have spent $400 plus on a blender.

I will say raw or not, I use my blender all the time and it is worth every penny I spent on it.  I love my blender.  It makes everything smooth and creamy.  

Dehydrator:  the "oven" of the raw foodist
As a raw foodist, you don't cook your foods.  However, you can dehydrate foods at 105 degrees to help them warm, thicken or dry out.  This is how nuts are made crunchy again after soaking them.  This is how raw bread and treats are created along with kale chips and crackers.

Like the blender above, I started eating raw with a Walmart dehydrator.  I used it for years.  It worked! :)

I will say that my Excalibur far surpasses my old round dehydrator on so many counts!  If the raw foods life is for you, this is the one tool that nothing compares to.  Nothing!  With the fan found at the back, each rack dries evenly.  With the stackable ones, the fan is working from the top and blowing through each tray.  Top dries faster.  The Excalibur has a 9 tray!  Lots of room to dry many foods at one time.   Just the best!  I love my dehydrator! :)

Everyone can eat very simple raw.  A fruit as it is.  A nut and seed as it is.  A veggie as it is.  But getting creative really helps you maintain the lifestyle and enjoy raw alternatives to cooked counterparts.

Enjoy what you can, get what sounds like it will work best for you and your pocket!

Raw Cinnamon Raisin Bagel

Let me give credit where credit is due, this recipe is from Rawvolution by Matt and Janabai Amsden!   I have listed 4 raw food books to the right of my blog, they are the ones I have actually used and found helpful recipes in.  Other recipes I make and some still, I find on the internet.

2 cups of Flaxseeds ground
1 cup shredded peeled zucchini
1 cup almond pulp
1/4 cup raisins
3/4 cup coconut nectar
2 tsps ground cinnamon

Dehydrate :)

These are amazing!  My kids and I love them.  I go so far as to split them down the middle and spread a thick layer of coconut butter mixed with agave nectar on each side.  Tastes like a donut with glaze.  Yummmmm so good.

This book also includes a list of what are raw foods, devices and recipes of all kinds.  Really great pictures as well.  I really want that in a cook book.  I want pictures.   :D


A break...

Today, I took a small lunch break.  My husband and I went out together on my lunch hour and I didn't feel like eating a salad.  That is about the only thing available in our area (for a raw meal), and at the specialty sandwich shop we were at, they top their salads with lots of items that I would have to remove or ask for them to be left off.  There was a huge line, I only had about 40 minutes and just wanted to visit with my hubby.  I made the call.  :) I enjoyed the meal and that was that.

I had a banana for breakfast and I am eating a salad for dinner.  Small break from the norm, but delightful and the time spent together priceless.  :-D  Back to raw!

Everything has been going well.  After a week with me, my daughter decided raw was not for her. :)  Which I fully expected.  It is not for everyone.  It is a very different way of eating, that is not always easy to chose.  It takes a lot of preparation.  Not every recipe you try turns out yummy and ones that do turn out, sometimes turn your stomach the very next time you go to eat them.  It takes a bit to figure out what works for you time and time again.  That is why I am being very specific on which recipes I share.  Not all of them are good to me.  If they don't taste good to me and I don't return to the recipe time and time again, I'm not sharing it with you.  It will just waste your money.  That isn't my goal.  My goal is to inspire you to give at least a little more raw foods a try.  They are good for you, they are easily digested, full of water and fiber…. more can only be better. :)

I'm thrilled to be back to raw and have a great perspective on what I am doing this time.  I am living.  I am thriving.  Even when I haven't lost pounds, I am losing inches and feel so much more comfortable in my clothing.

I hope that some of you are giving it a try.  Even if just a smoothie in the morning.  Your body will thank you!  :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Raw Buckwheat Cereal

Cashew Pineapple Cream

Add water to make it a Mylk consistency.

Toss in Buckwheat.  (soaked and dehydrated)

Add Raw Almonds.

Last, but not least, Dates, Blueberries & Raspberries!  Oh, my, so very good! 

Raw Preparations

In my raw food kitchen with youngest daughter Alex, we made raw treats to go in the dehydrator for hours on Sunday.  It is hard waiting for food when you are hungry.  We decided it was best to get our dinner foods all dehydrated first.  We could always pop them back in for 15 minutes to warm later, but having them ready to grab out of the fridge already made was best.

The bagels, burgers and Kale Chips came out Sunday night.  Monday saw the finishing up of the Corn Chips.

Last night we had raw veggies with spicy cheese dip and kale chips.  SO GOOD!

Preparation makes the week so much easier while working.  Plan ahead!

Raw Food Supplies

We went shopping on Friday night to make sure the house was stocked with lots of raw foods options.  :-)  The more options you have, the less likely you are to get bored, hungry and reach for something you don't really want to eat.

We went shopping after planning several meal options.

Breakfast Options for the week:
Fresh Fruits and/or Nuts & Seeds
Raw Fruit Smoothies
Raw Mylk and Buckwheat Cereal
Raw Imitation Eggs (never my fav, but could make if I wanted)
Raw Donut Holes
Raw Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

Lunch Options for the week:
Raw Veggie Wraps
Green Leafy Salads with cucumbers, tomatoes and mushrooms
Raw Jicama Spring Rolls
Avocado and Tomatoes
Kale Chips

Dinner Options for the week:
Two different types of Raw Veggie Burgers
With Corn Chips and Salsa
Raw Cheese & Spinach Pizza
Raw Spagetti with Zucchini Noodles
Raw Tacos with Salsa and Endive Chips
Mixed Veggies and Raw Spicy Cheese Dip

As you can see we have lots of food to chose from.  As our girls have decided to eat high raw with me, this is going to be a fun week of food! :-D

Saturday, August 23, 2014


 Put two spoonfuls of cashew pineapple cream to blender, add in water and frozen fruit of your choice.  Blend smooth!